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Triumph Thunderbird Harley Davidson Reviews

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The Thunderbird Harley davidson LT stands for Light Tourer; however, its versatility allows it to double up as an effective long-haul cruiser by simply removing its windshield and saddlebags. Triumph engineers designed it with a deep seat with bolsters designed to keep riders over six feet tall comfortable on long rides.

Thunderbird Harley Davidson Engine

Triumph recently made waves when they unveiled a big step in the cruiser game with their launch of their Thunderbird Storm, fitted with their big-bore kit which increased engine displacement from 1597cc liquid-cooled parallel twin to 1699cc – an unprecedented jump.

This British bike features an upgraded motor for increased performance and torque that makes passing easy on two-lane roads and highways. Furthermore, its large frame makes mountain riding much more enjoyable, where its greater cornering speeds make American cruisers uncomfortable to ride.

We put the Triumph Storm through rigorous comparison testing against Harley’s Heritage Softail Classic and Road King models, and two seasoned Harley owners both thought the British cruiser had superior build quality and desirability over its American competitors; even though these riders acknowledged that Triumph was much faster.


Thunderbird Harley davidson is the Coca-Cola of cruiser motorcycles, dominating the market with an iconic brand identity that makes competitors like Kawi and Victory seem less impressive in comparison. Now Hinckley-based Triumph enters this highly competitive segment with their new Thunderbird which directly targets Milwaukee iron.

The Bird has plenty of power, boasting 85hp at 4,850rpm and 106lb-ft of torque at 2,500rpm – enough for highway cruising as well as twisty rides through twisties with solid handling giving an advantage over most cruisers. Unfortunately, it can feel heavy at times; vibration from its handlebar and footpegs may also be distracting or uncomfortable in your seat – also the lack of helmet lock can be discouraging but still, it maneuvers well in traffic and starts readily with just a push of its button.


Last year, Triumph introduced their Thunderbird Harley davidson motorcycle with the intention of competing against one of America’s pillars of industry: Harley-Davidson’s cruiser lineup. Triumph boasts several models that fit this genre but only three have enough power to rival H-D’s low-slung machines.

The Thunderbird Harley davidson is powered by a 1597cc parallel twin that produces 85hp and 108lb-ft of torque – plenty of muscle for such a big cruiser, providing arm-stretching acceleration even at highway speeds without needing to downshift. Mid-corner throttle transitions are even and drama-free; wide bars ensure steady handling while its cruiser-conservative ergonomics (foot pegs well forward and the seat back enough) offer comfortable long distance riding experiences.


Triumph’s Thunderbird is its first direct competitor to Harley-Davidson’s all-cruiser lineup. While not as wide or tall, its cruiser-style stance remains similar. Its seat is wide, thickly padded, and well shaped to suit riders of various body shapes; even featuring a stitched nameplate bolster. Furthermore, passenger perches are equally large and well padded making the T-Bird an excellent option for road trips with someone.

Compare that to the narrow bucket-shaped seats on Harley Wide Glides that force riders into an awkward single rider hunched single rider position that forces riders into an awkward single rider position; almost enough to convince us all of switching brands!

The T-Bird features handlebars designed for optimal riding comfort; not too high up for shorter riders to reach and not too low for taller ones either.

Thunderbird Harley Davidson Style

Triumph’s Thunderbird represents its first serious attempt to rival Harley Davidson’s extensive cruiser range. It fits the bill: its classic appearance matches its timeless ride quality.

It offers a comfortable and neutral riding position thanks to a lower seat height and feet-forward pegs; plus, the seat itself provides ample padding with hip support bolsters as well as lower lumbar padding to reduce pressure on tailbone and spine; in short, this seat ranks among one of the most comfortable stock cruiser seats we’ve tested – an essential quality given cruising’s hallmark: comfort is key! The LT version comes equipped with a passenger backrest.

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