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Informative: The Pinecone Treehouse Fantasy

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The Pinecone Treehouse is an incredible creation by O2 Treehouse that stands suspended 60 feet above ground in Bonny Doon, California’s redwood forests. A five-and-a-half ton geodesic structure, it can only be reached via steep ladder or trap door and contains both shower and sink facilities – an unforgettable sight indeed!

The Pinecone Treehouse: It’s shaped like a pinecone

If your dream has ever been to live in a treehouse, look no further than O2 Treehouse by Dustin Fieder. Suspended between five redwood trees, the 22-foot pinecone-shaped structure boasts unobstructed views of nature through its roof covered in clear plexiglass for ultimate view of its surroundings.

Named and designed after woody fruit found in coniferous forests of Tarvisio, Italy where chief designer Claudio Beltrame’s studio resides; as well as philosopher Michael Foucault’s theories regarding heterotopias – or spaces operating outside the boundaries of society – which also provided inspiration.

The Pinecone Treehouse is not for the faint of heart; its elevation stands 60 feet on one side of a downhill side and 35 feet on its uphill side. Access is through a ladder and trap door, and guests must wear safety harnesses while climbing it. There’s a separate bathroom equipped with composting toilet and sink; access to its shower can be obtained by exiting via catwalk bridge and exiting treehouse.

It’s a work of art

Hanging high above California redwoods, this pine cone-shaped treehouse is truly an exquisite work of art. Designed and built by Dustin Feider of 02 Treehouse Commercial Inc, its presence stands as an inspiring message about coexisting more safely with nature.

The cozy glazed interior provides enough room for two double beds and boasts stunning forest views. Guests enter via an alternating step ladder and exit through a trap door that also acts as an exit route; there is also a bathroom equipped with hot shower and composting toilet, accessible through exiting via trap door then crossing catwalk bridge.

Contrary to many treehouses, The Pinecone Treehouse was prefabricated and installed using a crane. While this may cause minor disruption to nearby trees, its attachment points actually strengthen over time as their attachment points respond to stress caused by the structure.

It’s a treehouse

The Pinecone Treehouse is an iconic and spectacular example of treehouse design. Its spacious glazed interior comfortably seats two, featuring petal-like windows and an eye-catching cathedral ceiling; additionally it is attached securely to its trees from eight different points and provides incredible security.

Dustin Feider of O2 Treehouse designed this treehouse and featured it on NBC Nightly News in 2018. While not an entire home, it provides breathtaking views of the forest canopy – providing an ideal place for relaxation and contemplation.

This structure was constructed with the intent of immersing visitors in nature. It features transparent floor panels and an eye-catching cathedral ceiling offering 360-degree forest views, offering safe, sustainable and comfortable accommodations for its users.

Weighing five and a half tons, the structure is fitted with acrylic window panels glazed in acrylic window panes attached by bolts to trees in its surrounding forest area via cable system; while this method may appear invasive it has proven both eco-friendly and safe over time.

It’s a getaway

Are you searching for an unforgettable vacation experience? Consider staying at the Pinecone Treehouse – an exquisite geodesic structure suspended 30 feet in the air among towering redwood trees in Bonny Doon, California and offering breathtaking views of forest canopy from every room! Featuring clear floor panels and giant cathedral ceiling featuring 360 degree panoramic views; bedroom suitable for two people as well as mini treehouse with hot shower, composting toilet and sink!

The Pinecone Treehouse guests gain entry by ascending an intimidating-looking ladder and trap door, offering a thrilling yet exclusive experience. They must descend a separate ladder before crossing a catwalk bridge to use its compost toilet; those willing to embrace its adventure for $350 per night on Airbnb.

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