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Cute and Colorful Fake Nails For Kids

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Cute and Colorful Fake Nails for Kids

Fake Nails For Kids can be an exciting way to ignite her imagination and provide her with hours of nail art fun, but you must ensure she takes proper care in maintaining them so as to not damage her natural ones.

Create adorable and colorful fake Nails For Kids easily and affordably by using paper to extend her natural nails. It’s simple and takes only minimal supplies: construction or printer paper, nail file and glue/nail polish remover are needed.

Alternatively, plastic drinking straws can also be cut to form nails if this method is preferred, but in that instance only cut straight sections, not bendy parts. If the design requires thick sections, use a knife to trim it into a shape that fits comfortably on the finger.

This rainbow-inspired stripe design will definitely be a hit among children! The vibrant colors and bright smile of your little one will make this festive nail art a real treat.

The color blue in this design is the calm and peaceful personality that chooses to live a simple life like the gorgeous simplicity of the sea and sky.

How to Apply Nails For Kids

To apply fake Nails For Kids, select one and press it down onto an unblemished, natural nail. Make sure it’s securely in place by applying pressure and pressing. Afterward, soak your hands in warm water to loosen up any glue and take them off easily.

Care should also be taken not to soak fake nails in nail polish remover, as this will decrease their durability. Only use nail polish remover when necessary for painting over existing nail polish or applying new color on top of old.

If your child has sensitive nails, an alternative to nail glue might be using nail tabs as they contain safe adhesive and won’t damage her nails as much.

Nail tabs can be found at most drugstores and beauty supply stores, while some salons also carry them. Because these tabs come in various sizes and shapes, it is essential that you check their label before purchasing any. They make great party favors, stocking stuffers or gifts if purchased accordingly!

Colorful Pre-Glue Full Cover Fake Nails

These colorful pre-glue full cover fake nails are perfect for kids to wear for special occasions such as birthday parties, slumber parties and girl’s night in. They’re easy to apply and made of quality and reliable ABS plastic material.

The full cover fake Nails For Kids are designed in multi-colors, and they come with adorable patterns that are sure to grab your girl’s attention.

KISS imPRESS Mini Press-On Nails offer the ideal first manicure experience for little ones. Mom-approved and extremely comfortable, they won’t damage natural nails while being free from harmful ingredients found in conventional nail polish.

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