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Best Guide to Choose Lampago Electric Trike

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Turkey’s Lampago brings an eye-catching design to the electric trike minicar genre. Their two-seater model blends urban e-trike aesthetics with vintage microcar style while providing luxury seating and numerous branded accessories.

This machine sits on 10-inch alloy wheels with a disc up front and drums at the rear. It can haul up to 440 pounds at 28 mph top speed.

Lampago Electric Trike Styling

Turkey-based Lampago has brought an innovative touch to the rapidly expanding micro-mobility solutions market with their two-seater e-trike that blends vintage microcar vibes with electric scooter prowess and three wheel stability for efficient local commutes.

Lambago (Spanish for Lightning) does not require a motorcycle license in Europe where it will first be sold, as it falls into the AM category designed to encompass mopeds and three-wheelers with engine displacement of 50cc or less. Furthermore, its delta-style chassis provides greater stability during turns.

Lampago, powered by a 60V, 30Ah Lithium battery pack and offering an estimated range of 25 to 45 miles per charge, boasts stopping power with disc brakes up front and drum brakes in back for safe braking power; comfortably accommodating one driver and passenger for 200 kilograms in load capacity!

Lampago Electric Trike Power

Lampago of Turkey, an e-mobility solutions provider, recently unveiled this adorable two-seater electric trike that seamlessly combines vintage microcar styling with contemporary features. The charming vehicle comes equipped with a charming left side door, Chesterfield leather seating and boasts two tone colors to complete its charms.

Powertrain components for this scooter are fairly modest; it utilizes a 60V 30Ah lithium-ion battery pack that promises up to 45 miles per charge, as well as a smaller 1,000W motor compared with those found on electric bicycles; this may limit how quickly it can move on hills.

Lampago can accommodate up to 200 kilograms of passenger load on 10-inch wheels with front and rear drum brakes, and comes equipped with both gel or lithium battery options and nine body and fabric colors: Ivory White, Ocean Blue, Sunrise Yellow, Lake Cyan Stormy Grey Desert Gold Volcano Red Forest Green

Lampago Electric Trike Range

The Lampago Electric Trike from Turkey takes an alternative approach to transporting goods around town than cargo e-bikes or scooters do, offering two wheels at the back and one up front with egg-like design, retro aesthetics, and top speeds of 28mph.

The small e-trike boasts a maximum load capacity of 200 kg (440 lb), can seat two riders comfortably, plus has space for an optional spare tire in the back. Featuring sporty 10-inch alloy wheels with 3-inch tires for rider comfort. In terms of brakes it features both disc and drum at both ends – providing excellent stopping power!

Pricing and availability information is still unclear, but the Lampago can be recharged within three hours and travel up to 45 miles before needing another charge. With its 1,000-watt electric motor

  • less powerful than those found on some electric bikes but suitable for short commutes or leisurely drives at holiday spots
  • its compact dimensions make this vehicle ideal for short rides in Europe where drivers are only required to have an AM or AT license to take control.

Lampago Electric Trike Price

Turkish company Lampago recently unveiled an eye-catching electric trike with an eye-catching retro design. The two-seater ride rolls on alloy wheels with front/rear tires ranging between 3-10 inches, and boasts a 1,000W motor to power its wheels. Rated to carry up to 200 kg per rider, its range extends anywhere from 30-50 km per three hour charge cycle.

The Lampago Electric Trike does not require a motorcycle license in Europe where it’s targeted, as it’s classified as a personal transporter. That being said, its sleek look makes it an appealing alternative to cargo e-bikes or scooters while its charming personality adds plenty of character.

The Lampago Electric Trike will likely hit stores this summer and cost between EUR10,000 and EUR15,000. More details have yet to be disclosed regarding specifications, battery type and availability; but its Brutsch Mopetta-inspired design indicates it will more than justify the expense – featuring diminutive left-side doors, Vespa-esque styling elements, Chesterfield leather chair upholstery and nostalgic two-tone colors are sure to leave an impressionful first impression.

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