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Best Cruiser Motorcycle

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Are You New to Motorcycling and Looking for the Best Cruiser Motorcycle

How to choose Best Cruiser Motorcycle? For riders new to motorcycling looking for something comfortable in congested traffic, the cruiser motorcycle is an excellent option. These bikes typically feature large displacement engines which accelerate quickly enough that other riders won’t keep pace.

Harley-Davidson provides several options designed to appeal to beginners, including the Nightster with its comfortable seating position and Revolution Max 975 engine.

1. Harley-Davidson Nightster

Harley-Davidson Nightster motorcycle is an excellent option for beginners looking to start riding motorcycles. It’s smaller and more compact than Sportster S, produces power midrange rather than off idle and offers an ergonomic seat with low rider position that most riders can fit onto comfortably.

Revolution Max 975cc engine delivers plenty of revs at 9,500rpm for plenty of power when needed, coupled with an agile chassis and low 27.8-inch seat height to enable most riders to flat foot their ride.

Best Cruiser Motorcycle Nightster comes equipped with the standard Harley-Davidson Rider Safety Enhancements package that features ABS, traction control and three ride modes to customize engine braking, power delivery and Drag Torque Slip Control.

2. Honda Rebel 1100

Honda’s Rebel line epitomizes dynamic cruiser performance with an approachable riding position and classic-meets-modern aesthetic. For 2024, the Rebel 1100 continues this legacy by featuring a 1083cc liquid-cooled parallel Twin engine with either manual or automatic DCT transmission options available to rider-selected modes such as throttle-by-wire and Honda Selectable Torque Control/Wheelie Control selection via buttons on left switchgear; an instrument display shows this information.

The Rebel displays its modernity through its steel trellis frame painted Pearl Stallion Brown, providing ample room for light to pass through and providing plenty of breathing room around the engine. A 270-degree crank, unlike most cruisers’ 180-degree units, helps provide strong yet balanced power delivery from idle to redline; plus its low seat height and center mass make for easy riding at higher speeds.

3. Ducati Diavel V4

Ducati first introduced their Diavel line of bikes back in 2011, shattering class boundaries by marrying style, comfort and eye-watering performance into one stunning package. Their 2023 update only further broadened this appeal by giving this seductive muscle cruiser even more power and handling prowess.

Thumbing the starter button starts it humming along like its Desmosedici Stradale predecessors with an addictive snap, before it begins its run all the way to redline. Cylinder deactivation allows for less fatiguing cruising at stoplights or over rough terrain; Touring or Urban ride modes and quick shift up-down make this ideal machine for long weekend rides.

4. Honda Shadow Phantom

Honda has established itself in the midsize cruiser market for years with their Shadow lineup. Their V-twin engine provides plenty of torque, perfect for casual weekend rides or around-town cruising, plus their pre-programmed fuel injection provides smooth starts even on cold mornings or at high altitudes.

This year, the bike gets an update with new colors and a slightly lower solo seat (25.6 inches above the ground) without reducing passenger accommodations. Also new are LED blinkers, gaitered forks and an aggressively bobbed rear fender – plus it still boasts its 745cc liquid-cooled V-twin engine which delivers wide torque spread for ultimate cruiser rider satisfaction – not to mention agile handling in tight hairpin bends!

5. Suzuki Boulevard M109R

Suzuki Boulevard M109R stands out among muscle cruisers as one of the newest entries, making a notable debut with powerful engine output and precise handling. Straight line performance can’t be beaten and its throaty rough sound lets everyone on the road know who’s boss.

The 109R stands out as one of the premier production bikes with the largest pair of pistons available today, producing enormous torque from its liquid-cooled cylinders. Popular Mechanics’ 2015 shootout placed it near the top in class when it came to acceleration on a quarter mile strip as well as zero to thirty mph performance and time taken to reach 30mph.

The M109R exudes superhero charm with its muscular curves, feet-forward controls and confident rider posture reminiscent of superhero comic books. Although large in size, its deceptively agile frame makes maneuvering through tight parking lots effortless.

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