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Best Commuter Motorcycle

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Your ideal best commuter motorcycle depends on where you live, its length of your commute and conditions of operation. In general terms, narrow and lightweight bikes with small engines that still perform at lower speeds as well as comfortable seating positions are preferable.

Best commuter motorcycle Honda CB300R

The CB300R’s compact silhouette and modern LED lighting give it an eye-catching appearance on the road, even under direct Southern California sun conditions. Even during my test ride in downtown LA, its indicators were easily visible even during direct sun. The 286cc single breathes through four valves for free-revving yet manageable powerband; its lightweight chassis and short wheelbase enable swift maneuvering through traffic or canyon roads.

Beginner-friendly and equipped with ample power for most riders, but may feel limited for experienced riders looking for more firepower. Its lightweight clutch pull and counter balancer help minimize engine vibration; however, freeway speeds do cause noticeable buzz.

Buyers should also be mindful of yearly maintenance costs, which include oil changes and spark plug replacement, as well as registration and insurance costs that vary by state. On average, these expenses could add up to several hundred dollars annually; however, for reliable yet economical commuting companions like the CB300R they remain unrivaled.

Honda NC700X

The NC700X redefines what multi-role motorcycles can be. Boasting an efficient engine matched to an ergonomic riding position and fuel savings features, this motorcycle can take riders on everything from daily commuting in traffic jams to weekend tours through picturesque countryside landscapes while giving them a sense of adventure.

Forward-canted cylinders help keep the bike’s center of gravity low for increased agility when cornering. A single 320mm front disc with twin piston caliper delivers excellent stopping power with great feel at the lever.

Full digital LCD instrumentation includes a speedometer, digital bar-type tachometer with clock, two trip meters and fuel consumption gauge – plus Honda’s intelligent Combined Antilock Braking System (C-ABS). A tiny stock windscreen channels plenty of wind around the rider while offering good vision; its storage compartment near the tank has enough room to store a full-size helmet securely – other accessories like tall windscreens, heated grips and hard sidecases/topboxes are available directly from Honda.

Suzuki V-Strom 650

The V-Strom 650 may not offer all of the high-tech features found on rival bikes like BMW F 700 GS or Triumph Tiger Sport, but it remains an outstanding value and motorcycle. Its 645cc V-twin engine may seem outdated; however, subtle improvements over the years have increased torque output enough for real world riding while still meeting worldwide emission standards. Owners report 50-60mpg gas mileage while its 5.3 gallon tank makes comfortable travel up to 260 miles between fill-ups possible.

A bike with the Honda CB650F’s practicality lies in its ability to carry full loads with no problem and handle rough roads or potholed tarmac without being uncomfortable. When riding off-road trails it would be wise to fit a decent welded bash plate in order to protect the engine, while standard screens tend to be hopelessly turbulent but this issue can be addressed using an aftermarket aerofoil screen unit.

Yamaha YZF-R3

If you’re in search of an enjoyable Best Commuter Motorcycle that can also handle spirited driving on twisty backroads, the Yamaha YZF-R3 should definitely be considered. With its lightweight construction and responsive handling characteristics, even novice riders will find this bike capable of handling any challenging road conditions.

The R3 boasts an advanced engine design, which produces powerful torque throughout its operating range. Its efficient fuel injection and short muffler design help centralize mass and increase agility. Furthermore, its forged aluminum pistons have been engineered to be resilient under high rpm and demanding conditions.

R3 boasts an outstanding chassis and suspension that ensures a pleasant riding experience, including front forks equipped with damping systems to absorb urban bumps, as well as monoshock rear suspension for highway rides, comfortable seating that encourages upright sitting positions, as well as its sporty design and sleek LCD dash make an eye-catching impression on the road.

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Imran Ismail Mulla
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